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Hi freaks,
my problem is to send 3 Mails from 3 timed action at intervals of 3 hours.
First Mail at 8:00 AM, second Mail at 11:00 AM and third Mail at 02:00 PM
The same at next day and so on...
How can I create this 3 Timed Actions?
How can I start the Timed Action at 08:00 or 11:00 o'clock?

My idea is to create 3 Timed Action.
The first started at 8, the second at 11 and the third at 2 PM -  and this every day.

Please help to realize this.

Thanks in advance,

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There are a couple of approaches, each with pluses and minuses.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list -- I'm sure others have better ideas.
  • Put your email in a flagged action, and have Windows Task Scheduler raise the flag at the intervals desired.
    • Personally, I use this approach for things I want run in a reliable schedule -- i.e. a fixed time of day -- and it allows an easy approach if I want to run at a special time.  (Just run from the Task Scheduler, or raise another flag by another means.)
    • Some people don't like this approach because actions would be attempted even when the engine is down.  For the places I use this approach, its not an issue and if the engine is down a normal timed event does fire 'off schedule' when the engine is brought back up.
I've not personally tried the next two, but seem plausible.
  • Create one variable to store the "next" time and have one timed action use that variable for its "Timed Event" value.  Recompute the next time in the action.
  • Create three variables and three timed events for each email.  Recompute the next time in each action.
    • Personally, I don't recommend this one, especially if the email is otherwise identical (then 3 actions have to be maintained verses 1), but I'm including as an option.
With this kind of schedule, you can't use %Updated since other actions may occur between events.
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