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I had a chance to work in Metastorm BPM 9.0 in my previous company, but it was a short term project and the duration was 1 year. Also I was not involved in developing. Now, it's been 3 years I never have a chance to work on it.

My primary skills are ASP.Net, C#. I want to change my career track to metastorm as it is a niche technology in BPM field.

Is there any free online tutorial available for this? Is there any evaluation version or express version of this software if available?

Please advice.

Thanks in Advance

Rajarajan S

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The best resource you can find for free will be this forum, and some of the training videos/documentation on this site.

As such, if you've worked on 9.0, there's not much changed since - official versions are up to 9.4 i think now, but other than "under the hood" changes, there's no real changes with the designer or options available in designer, so it shouldn't be hard to catch up.

Also, with Metastorm - It is a niche, yes, but its a soon to expire niche. Opentext has "moved on" to Cordys. While they will continue to support and provide minor upgrades to metastorm for the next few years, their strategy is to now push Cordys as their primary BPM tool. Cordys, btw, looks like J2EE/XML based (although it appears to run from a cloud platform).

Look at the thread titled "Future of MBPM" for more info on this. 


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FYI, the most recent current release of BPM is, but is due out in [mid] October per a call I just got off of with OpenText. is slated for release around year end, with the big newest feature will be HTML5 support in addition to the normal forms support.
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