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I'm using

I raised this with Metastorm and was given this response...

What you are seeing is not a bug or problem but is a result of design. The Alert message (eAlertMessage column in the eAction table) gets set after taking an action. When you use the "Auto-forward" option from a system stage, there is no specific action that's used to forward the folder.

Essentially, this message cannot be set via a variable or string in the Designer. You would have to modify this directly in the database. However, the text will get removed when the procedure is published.


Can anyone think of a reason not to simply use the Alert from the Action that moved to the System Stage?


I'd be interested to know if this still happens in Version 7.


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Yup, that is working as designed, and yup, it would be much better to use the alert message from the previous action!

There is no way this would be fixed in v7, and to get it changed you'd have to put in an enhancement request and hope.  have never recieved a sensible reply, and rarely any reply, form an enhancement request, so I've given up on them myself.

There is a workaround somehow I recall, but it's not pretty and I cannot recall it.

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

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The workaround we've went for is a common stage applied to all the stages the Auto-Forward can push to with a conditional loopback action (Set Alert Message) and a variable (txtAlertMessage) for the Alert Message.

You set txtAlertMessage, move the folder to the Auto-Forward stage which moves it to the new stage, the common stage notices that txtAlertMessage is set and that the last action was an Auto-Forward (via a db lookup) so fires the Set Alert Message action which sets the alert message.

You could even adjust this so that instead of using txtAlertMessage or similar for the Alert Message you set it to %Message[%ActionCount - 2] which will take the message of the action that moved the folder to the Auto-Forward stage, bringing it a little nearer in-line with how you might expect it to work.

And as far as workarounds go this is actually one of the prettier ones I've seen!
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