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A small note on something i came acros this night trying to get my live environment to do the same as my test environment.
Nothing solid but it may be related to several other posts here where the "why is live not ...." question is raised.

I had big troubles getting a merge running and looks like the template, that runs fine on test, somehow got messed up copying it from test via citrix client, via file share to live server.

I may be that the "copy from this zone" changed something as it would not merge in word.
I guess somewhere the file gets tagged or something and it did not merge.
When, after several re-installs and other tests, i created a new doc and copied in the fields all was well again.

No smoking gun but i'll update when i have it.

Post an example, and we will have a much better idea what the problem is. In about 90% of posts, the problem is one of communication. Examples bridge that gap.

PS that's for V6/7 for V9 the problem is V9 at the moment ;)
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